CO2 performance ladder

For Hollander techniek, Corporate Social Responsibility always forms an intrinsic part of the operational management. In order to make an even better contribution to our society, we continually aim to minimize our environmental burden. For this reason, it was a logical choice to become certified in 2013 for the CO2 performance ladder.


The CO2 Performance ladder is an instrument in order to encourage companies to be aware of their CO2 emissions in their own operational management and in the execution of projects. en. The main focuses are energy savings, efficient use of materials and using sustainable energy.

Source: Stichting klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen (Independent Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business)

KAM & Certification


In order to determine and monitor our environmental burden, we periodically chart our CO2 emissions. Our aim is a reduction of 8% in 2014 in relation to the base year of 2011. Since more than 90% of our CO2 emissions originate from our fleet of vehicles and from the electricity consumption, the focus will mainly lie in these areas. For example, the electricity consumption at all our branches has been made completely ‘green’ by the use of wind energy, a measure which will achieve a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.


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