Corporate Social Responsibility is an obvious matter for us, because we wish to contribute to a sustainable development for both the present generation and for future generations. We are continually in search of a balance between the results which we must achieve as a company and our commitment to the environment and the society around us. In other words, we are committed to the 3 Ps: People, Planet, Profit.


KAM & Certification


We wish to offer the people within and outside our company a continual added value. That applies to customers and employees, as well as to business partners and society. Since the company was set up, we have been committed to our employees and give them the opportunity to develop. In addition, we wish to support the local community.

Commitment to our employees:

  • We ensure that our employees can develop within the company. For this reason, they are allowed to be enterprising within the company and we have our own training centre.
  • We find it important that people enjoy their work, and our main focuses are respect, trust and independence.
  • We seek interaction with our employees by means of a staff newspaper, Intranet and a personnel association.

Commitment to the local community:

  • The personnel association allocates funds in order to support social projects, such as a new bicycle for a child day care centre.
  • Each year, at Christmas time, we select three charities and support them with a start-up amount. Our customers can indicate which charity they wish to donate an extra 10 Euro to, on behalf of Hollander techniek.
  • When celebrating a 12.5 year anniversary, we support a social project, such as the building of a pig sty at the children’s farm.
  • We take on work placement students from all types of educational courses.
  • In addition to our structural involvement, there is also scope for spontaneous involvement. We find it important to act as an incubator for good ideas and initiatives from employees and customers. This is often precisely how inspiring and innovating initiatives are born.


The way in which we as a company treat the environment and living environment has consequences for future generations. We therefore aim to reduce our waste and energy consumption and to process materials in a sustainable way. In addition, we apply sustainable techniques to our own premises and present these solutions to our customers.

Environmental management:

  • The controlled separation of, among other things, paper, plastic, metal wood and hazardous materials is standard practice for us. At the branches, we have set up conveniently arranged recycling points, so that employees can easily separate their waste.
  • We provide our own premises with sustainable techniques, such as solar panels, a solar boiler, ecologically purified sprinkler water, adiabatic cooling and a wind turbine. Of course, we use green energy and have included hybrid cars in our fleet.
  • All environmental incidents and situations which pose a risk to the environment are reported, so that we can prevent them from being repeated.
  • When making purchases, we ensure a minimum of transport movements by means of clustering and minimizing the packaging.
  • With regard to our environmental management system, we are certified according to ISO14001.

Honest advice to customers regarding sustainability:

  • By sharing the knowledge that we have available in the field of sustainable technical solutions, we can also allow our relations to improve their level of corporate social responsibility.


Offering an economic added value is the basis of every commercial organization. Thanks to a good business return, we can safeguard our CSR objectives. This requires a long term vision. In order to ensure that we remain a healthy company and are able to contribute to the economy, we aim for autonomous growth, share our knowledge with other people and try to seek collaboration within the chain.

Exchanging knowledge:

  • We wish to continue to share the knowledge that we have gained with our customers and partners. By always giving honest advice, we aim to safeguard our long term relation with them.
  • We wish to invest in collaboration and are therefore members of social and sustainable networks such as Stichting Present, E.nu, kiEMT, AVID and S3H.

Autonomous growth:

  • The world economy is growing. Hollander techniek wishes to be a part of this and will therefore continue to adapt. We make sure that there is room for continuity and choose for a focused spread, so that we can develop on several fronts.




Strategic forms of collaboration:

  • We are dependent on the chain for the development of innovative sustainable concepts. We must make a collective commitment by exchanging our knowledge and collaborating actively with, among other bodies, the government, educational institutions and companies. In this way, we follow an innovative route together.
  • By taking part in, among other things, ‘Technology Week’, ‘Girls’ Day’ and ‘Ambassadors of Technology’, we hope to inspire the younger generation to choose a career in technology.
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