KAM & Certification

Quality, Working conditions and Environmental care [Kwaliteit, Arbo en Milieuzorg (KAM)] are extremely important within our organization. Our employees, our customers as well as the society around us benefit from this.

Quality care

Our aim is to achieve the desired quality and to meet the obligations of all internal and external customers. For this reason, we are certified for ISO9001 (quality management system), BRL6000 (fitting gas, water and electrical installations), BORG (security installations), BMI (regulating Fire alarm systems), CSIA (Control Systems Integrators Association), GSV (Halyester switching devices and distributors) and Criteria van Toezicht (low voltage installations). Our quality system describes in detail how we safeguard and continually improve our quality.

Care for working conditions

Of course, we set high standards for the working conditions and equipment of our employees. We are therefore a VCA** certified company. (VCA stands for Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers; Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors). For example, we have personal protective equipment available for our employees, we make sure the workplace is safe (for functions indoors as well as outdoors) and that all the executive and managerial employees are VCA trained. If a VGM (Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu; Safety, Health and Environment) plan is needed for your project, we will draw this up according to your requirements.

Environmental care

In our offices and in the execution of our projects, we are very careful about showing consideration for the environment. For example, we are economical in our use of energy and materials, we report environmental incidents and situations which pose a risk to the environment; and waste flows are recorded in advance and regulated meticulously. Hollander techniek is certified for ISO14001 and the CO2 performance ladder..


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