Industrial automation

With regard to the industrial market segment, Hollander techniek has a great deal of knowledge of process and machine management for the food industry, non-food industry, metal and plastic processing installations, and also in the area of waste processing and environmental technical installations.

By allowing various types of software and applications to communicate safely with each other, operational information is automatically transferred to the relevant processes and/or machines. In this way, we achieve a higher level of efficiency for you.
The technical automation consists of the actual steering, managing, calculating and checking of production processes and machines. The techniques applied for this concern PLC, Motion Control, HMI and Scada. The engineering and the execution require a great deal of specific knowledge of the production process itself and of the automation systems.

Hollander techniek is a CSIA certified system integrator.

Hardware and software engineering

Due to the increasing complexity of the sales, purchasing, production and logistics, it can be difficult to gain an overview of and manage an organization. By means of an efficient transfer of information, you will have more control of the various processes. Our IT department offers the solution. The amount of information available in the various databases quickly produces the need to make this information available conditionally for the various processes within your company.

Hollander techniek integrates ERP packages and production management systems such as a MES (Manufacturing Execution System). In addition, we develop software tools for the production, purchasing and sales with the aim of improving efficiency and tracking & tracing.

Our hardware engineering and software engineering are based on thorough knowledge, complemented by a wide experience gained over a number of years. As a result of this, Hollander techniek can translate draft designs into ‘finished products'. With the aid of efficient methods and techniques such as EPLAN P8, AutoCAD standardisation and data engineering, we cater for projects quickly and efficiently. Flexible standardisation and unequivocal methods of work help us to fulfil our aim of supplying a constant quality.

Unbiased advice thanks to brand independence, the application of open sources and being open to innovations ensure that Hollander techniek is a reliable partner.

Process optimization en integration

Due to the knowledge and experience which Hollander techniek has available, we are increasingly involved in the preparatory route. The advice provided by a technical service provider lies close to the actual practice, which is an advantage because we know from practice that it works. Our advice can consist of analysing existing installations, carrying out feasibility studies for new installations or analysing the entire production process.

Our starting point is the optimization of the production process and packaging process. For this purpose, we consider reorganizing the production line in an integral way. The optimization must at least lower the costs per product and improve the quality. Depending on the requirements, Hollander techniek carries out the working activities with its own employees or along with our chain partner ErgoDesign.Hollander techniek actively considers each process on the basis of methods such as Lean manufacturing and OEE (Overall Equipement Effectiveness)

For turnkey projects, we deploy our disciplines of technical automation, IT, robotics, installation and panel construction, in an integral way. They can also be deployed in a modular way, so that this connects with your internal capacity.

In the automation sector, collaboration with suppliers is of vital importance. We work independently of brands, but in order to be able to benefit directly from innovations, Hollander techniek has technical strategic forms of collaboration.

Knowledge partners: ErgoDesign, Siemens, Schneider, Citect, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and WAGO.


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