Product Handling Optimization

Erwin Hoeksma
Sales Manager Robotize
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You want a turnkey solution which will ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and flexibility. As a CSIA certified technical integrator, we provide total solutions. We optimize both your production process and the product handling. From engineering to realization and maintenance: from us, you can expect an efficient solution which will be earned back within a foreseeable term.

Within the industry, we first clearly chart the process steps, based on which we enter into discussion about your project. As a result of this approach, our engineers and Lean consultants can very quickly provide an overview of where the points for improvement lie. They will indicate how the various processes can be set up and how the technical integration will bring your business that extra bit of added value.

For Hollander techniek, product handling systems, robot applications, mechanical automation and software integration form part of the total and integral optimization concept.


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