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PV panelen

Hollander has been converting light into electricity since 1999. Just leave the design and realization of net-linked Photo Voltaic systems to us, because with our experience and expertise we are well used to working on slanting roofs, flat roofs, corrugated roofing and façade coping. The PV panels have a long lifespan of at least 25 years and can be placed almost everywhere, while providing free fuel. Subsidies are also available for the installation, so do not hesitate to enquire about the possibilities.

This is how it works

The sunlight is converted by the solar panels into electricity in the form of a direct current. By means of an inverter, this direct current is converted into an alternating current which can be used directly in the building. As a result of this, you use less energy from the power supply network. If you generate more electricity than you need, you can even supply energy back to the energy supply company. Of course, you receive a payment for this. The solar panels produce the most energy when placed facing south.


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