Retail technology

How do you provide the shops with technology aimed at increasing efficiency? Retail technology is an area in which Hollander techniek feels at home. We are familiar with all the techniques, are strong in project management and offer a national coverage.

Efficiency thanks to integration

We obtain our level of efficiency thanks to our integration of techniques and the pre-fabrication in our assembly hall. At our branches, we also have the possibility of allowing employees from other companies to carry out their work in a coordinated way. Everything is produced ready for operation and in an efficient way. In this way, the technical shop provisions can be transported to the shop, ready-made. For the customer, this means shorter renovation times, less time when the shop is closed and therefore less days with a loss of turnover.

Project management

The emphasis lies on project management and the integration of techniques. When we enter a shop, all aspects are attuned to each other, from the cash register to the cameras, from a multimedia solution to payment by chip and pin, and from pick-up-points to management information at the head office. If you wish to achieve efficiency, you should integrate the technology in advance and manage the entire project centrally.


Karin de Bleyser

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