Calamities and failures, however small, always come at a bad time. Together with Hollander techniek, you can prepare for this, with the aid of a preventative maintenance plan, so you do not need to worry anymore. And in the event that a failure occurs, we manage our repair services centrally, so the right specialist can help you more quickly and in a better and more efficient way (call: + 31 (0)88-8018000)

Maintenance and inspection

Do you wish to extend the technical lifespan of installations and prevent unnecessary failures and costs? Allow Hollander techniek to check the status of your installations periodically and we will make any adjustments necessary, after consultation with you. In this way, your system will remain in good condition and you will keep the Total Cost of Ownership under control. Just ask about the possibilities of a combined maintenance contract for several installations.


A proactive attitude is our starting point for service, maintenance and management issues. Our aim is to allow every system to function optimally. All the advice and suggestions for improvement which we provide will lead to energy savings and cost savings. Call + 31 (0)88-8018000 and you will receive immediate assistance.


Theo Polman

Theo Polman
Service Manager
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