Sustainability / innovation

For the past few years, at Hollander techniek sustainability and innovation have been closely connected to each other. Ideas for sustainability can be put into practice in many ways. For example, we give buildings a new lease of life by deploying new techniques in a focused way in order to achieve an improvement in comfort and sustainability. The aim is to produce energy independently. With the right integration of technology and advice, we ensure flexible and energy-efficient buildings.

As a result of environmental requirements and the need to be competitive, for years the industrial sector had been in search of methods which are aimed at the reduction of negative effects (eco-efficiency), compensation (for example, green washing) or a completely closed cycle (C2C). In addition, sustainable consumption requires sustainable production. Innovating in a sustainable way gives an advantage over the competition.

Integral sustainable solutions

Hollander techniek feels at home in the area of sustainable techniques such as heat pumps, adiabatic cooling, solar collectors, wind turbines, wood-burning stoves, waste heat recovery, energy monitoring systems, E-mobility and PV (Photo Voltaic) systems. We apply these techniques in an integral way, which leads to lower energy costs and a lower CO2 emission.

The financing of sustainable solutions often still forms a stumbling block in the decision-making process. In this regard, Hollander techniek has a number of concepts which make it possible to earn back the investment with the cost savings from the solutions. The deployment of so-called ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) is also a part of this.


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Trias Energetica model

We are enthusiastic about smart applications, and you too will be enthusiastic. Preferably within one integral management, house automation or building management system. The logical result is a high return and a saving in energy costs.

In order to realize a responsible and energy-efficient installation, during the design stage Hollander techniek utilizes, among other things, the Trias Energetica model. The Trias Energetica model means that an energy-efficient approach is achieved in three steps:

  1. Limit the energy demand as much as possible.
  2. Where possible, use sustainable sources.
  3. Deal with the remaining demand for energy as efficiently as possible with the aid of fossil fuels.

This is how you innovate

Innovation means adapting to the changing circumstances. This also occurs in nature; it is a biological process in order to survive. Innovating is a continual process.

Since the changing elements in our environment are so diverse and complex, innovations can only be realized if they are approached collectively. It is no longer just a matter of the technical products or the concepts in which these products are integrated. The change in the economic climate also compels us to adjust the organization or our processes to still be able to meet your customers’ needs.

Within Hollander techniek, on an annual basis we name a number of innovation projects which we wish to realize. We take on these projects along with manufacturers, suppliers, strategic chain partners or customers. Each innovation project is allocated to an innovation team which is responsible for the project definition, the business model and the realization of the project. Depending on the expertise required, the innovation team can be composed of different people or organizations. Hollander techniek also frequently participates in innovation teams of third parties, where we are asked to contribute expertise in the fields of integration, service and management of technical solutions.







Pilot project as knowledge center

Applying sustainable techniques is a form of investing in an alternative way. This requires daring as well as knowledge. Hollander techniek has demonstrated this by applying various sustainable techniques in its own premises. These applications not only result in energy savings, which is a positive thing for the environment, but they also provide us with the necessary expertise. As a customer, you can take advantage of this, because we enjoy sharing our knowledge.






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