Commercial Buildings

We have a great deal of experience in making commercial buildings sustainable and therefore reducing the energy consumption, both for new build and redevelopment. This allows you to focus on your core tasks. Hollander techniek takes care of the management and the exploitation of technical installations. Finding new functions for commercial buildings is a very common issue at the moment, and we play an active role in this.

As a result of thorough research prior to a new build or an energy scan of an existing building, solutions and technical solutions are found which could reduce the energy costs and the CO2 emissions. Energy monitoring and integral building management systems give you control over and insight into your company housekeeping.

A sustainable philosophy can be put into practice in many ways. For example, we give buildings a new lease of life by deploying new techniques in a focused way, in order to realize a higher level of comfort and sustainability. It is even better to produce your own energy. With the right integration of technology and advice, we ensure flexible, energy-efficient buildings.


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