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Description of assignment

“Does my current server have enough capacity for our scale size, or should we replace it?” was the initial concern of the Managing Director Ten Have of Gelders Have Groep. Aspects such as service, manageability, calling in from a distance and being able to expand in the future were also important. After a few talks, a hosting solution soon appeared to be an option.


Hollander techniek had talks with the customer in order to find out what its wishes were. In consultation, various possibilities were weighed against each other. As a result of this consultation, the conclusion was reached that just a new server with sufficient capacity was not the complete solution to the problem. Finally, a scalable hosted solution was suggested. In addition, the management of the company can have contact with the shops from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.

Customer’s reaction

Managing Director Gerald ten Have of Gelders Have Groep who has sixteen AH supermarkets in franchise explains his choice for hosting: “Our scale size not only makes hosting a necessity but also an attractive option. In this way, we gain more flexibility with our applications. We can also integrate the software which we use for all our shops. Packages are easy to expand and are more flexible. While at the same time hosting requires less effort, because the maintenance of applications takes place outside of the company.” Ten Have is not afraid of becoming too dependent on the Internet. “A lot of digital information is already transferred via the Cloud, for example chip and pin payments.”

Ten Have expects Hollander techniek to be flexible as an ICT service provider and to think along with them. ‘”Not just to gain the maximum yield from the chosen hosting solution, but also to take into account the wishes for the future. Sometimes, decisions have to be taken and investments made which will also allow us to function optimally in the future. We expect that Hollander techniek will be able to advise us in this. Flexibility, speed and quality – and by quality I mean expertise and reliability – are vital with regard to this type of service provision. Any problems must be resolved quickly and correctly.”


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Gelders Have Groep


March 2011 - June 2011


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