Description of assignment

The management system of the production location of Hasbro had reached the end of its lifespan, so a complete upgrade was required. However, the production should not be stopped for too long, and the upgrade had to be realized as quickly as possible.


In order to renovate the management of Hasbro’s production line as quickly as possible, Hollander techniek began with a 3D simulation model of the internal transport system. In this way, it became possible to gain a virtual overview of the entire system. As a result of this, the management software could be tested thoroughly in advance and bottlenecks could be resolved as much as possible. 300 sensors, 20 barcode sensors, 7 switch boxes, PLC management software and a SCADA server were connected to the newly built PROFINET communication network. The fully automated transport system has been integrated with the ERP system of Hasbro which regulates the planning and logistic completion of the production.




Hasbro Ireland Limited


Waterford (Ierland)


Manufacturing Industry

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