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Nedap Inventi originally contacted Hollander techniek for a pick-to-light system for the faultless assembly of Power Routers. The highest aim of Nedap Inventi was to improve the quality and the delivery reliability. Hollander techniek advised giving the project a wider scope.


In order to make the production process of the Power Router as streamlined and efficient as possible, the company not only chose to implement a pick-to-light system but also opted for Lean Manufacturing.

Making a process Lean is not a simple matter, but a fixed method of work can already make a huge difference. What we want is that an operator can check his own performance at his work station, so that this does not just happen at the end. In this way, the work load of the operators is brought into balance and their tools have obtained a fixed location.

“When we began at Inventi, a team of five operators worked a full week in order to assemble the required number of Power Routers. Now, depending on the customer demand, there are only two operators”, says Lean consultant Frank Woutersen of Hollander techniek. “Four employees could complete the work in half a week.”

In addition to a pick-to-light system, a vision (camera registration) and Andon system was suggested, which keeps track of whether the product is assembled correctly. Nedap wanted as many aspects as possible of the operators’ work to be visualized at the work station itself, so that they can always view the latest information about their performances.

Customer’s reaction

Herbert Harderwijk, member of the Process Improvement Team, Inventi BV: "We contacted Hollander techniek for a pick-to-light handling system for the parts to be assembled, but they advised us to give the project a wider scope. This has worked out really well.”


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Nedap Inventi


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