Description of assignment

GMB has the knowledge to separate phosphate, which is used a great deal in artificial fertilizer, from urine. Urine is one of the greatest polluters of our waste water, while it only involves 1% of all the waste water. Although GMB has the expertise in the area of organic purification processes, the company was still in search of a party which could control the process. As a result of this, Europe’s first factory was built for processing and extracting useful fertilizers from urine. Recovery of phosphate and nitrogen from urine makes a contribution to a sustainable water chain.


Hollander techniek took care of the interaction of the temperature sensors, PH sensors, level meters and other regulating components which closely monitor the progress of the process. We also organized the supply, assembly and delivery, ready to operate, of the control installation and control panels for the SaNiPhos project.

Customer’s reaction

“The operation of the various parts of the installation has been safeguarded”, explains Van Rossum of GMB. Hollander techniek was also very pleased with the collaboration, says Sustainability and Innovation Manager, Kees Prins. “The special thing about this project is the combination between process technology and engineering. We made excellent use of each other’s knowledge. With good collaboration, we reached this fantastic end result.”


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April 2010 - october 2010




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