Vaassen Flex Packaging


Description of assignment

Vaassen Flexible Packaging (VFP) wished to achieve cost savings, an improvement in quality and better working conditions, by means of a production robot. The robot would be positioned at the end of the cutting line and place the various roles of aluminium foil on transport pallets. Previously these rolls, which weigh up to 25 kg, were palletized by hand, which resulted in many health complaints and labour-intensive work. This was a problem which had to be dealt with.


Hollander techniek offered a turnkey palletisation solution to VFP. Hollander techniek was completely responsible for the engineering, delivery and fitting of this robot and the accompanying supply and removal transport systems. The unit is also linked to the ERP system. In addition, a customer-specific track-and-trace solution was created. After completion of this unit, another three robot units were built at this location.

Customer’s reaction

Hollander techniek was already an existing supplier of various technical installations for VFP. For Mr Scheffer of VFP, however, Hollander techniek was not the obvious choice as supplier of the robot: “Ultimately, a reliable supplier whose quality you are familiar with is a good starting point. The difference with other suppliers is that Hollander techniek is able to link the robot to our ERP system, which leads to significant cost savings regarding further automation.”


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Vaassen Flexible Packaging




May 2009



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