WC and EC track cycling

WK en EK baanwielrennen

Description of assignment

During the European and World championship track cycling, in order to provide journalists with Internet access and electrical provisions, a temporary data network had to be created. The containers available for the participating countries also had to be fitted with electrical provisions.


As official supplier of the European and World championship track cycling, Hollander techniek was responsible for creating and maintaining the temporary data network, the Internet access and the electrical provisions in the sports centre. Everything was built up in its entirety from network components from Cisco. The organization demanded a high availability from the network due to the television broadcasts which could be seen live in more than 20 countries. During the World Championship, a data specialist was constantly available in order to repair any faults.

On the outdoor grounds, electrical provisions were created in the containers for the 41 participating countries. Grounds lighting and electrical provisions were also provided for these grounds.




Omnisport Apeldoorn


23-27 March2011 / 21-23 October 2011




Sport & Leisure

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