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Delta Picker Robot

In order to handle your products in a swift, flexible and accurate manner, the Delta robot of Hollander Techniek, which can be applied in full, is the right choice. The delta robot is particularly suitable for automating manual packaging work! The robot is mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

The open communication platform on which the delta robot operates is a great advantage, because as a result it can make use of the current control systems. This means that no extra costs have to be incurred. Because of the open communication platform, the robot can be integrated in a simple and optimal way, both in current processes and processes to be newly designed. As CSIA system integrator we regard robotisation as part of the total automation.

Worldwide more than 1,000 delta robots are used. Your production process will become reliable, predictable and effective with the delta robot. The expenses for the robot can be recovered quickly, because you can save on employees, the uptime is high and maintenance costs are low.
We will be pleased to show you how your products can be handled by our delta robot. We have arranged a demo setup for this purpose.

Advantages Delta Robot:

  • High speeds up to 175 picks per minute
  • Quick changeover times 5-10 sec.
  • Simple product change
  • Optimal integration because of open platform
  • Flexible product orientation
  • Low maintenance costs / high up-time
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