Description of assignment

Ardagh (formerly Impress Metal Packaging) in Deventer set up a new complex line for the production of two-piece food cans. This line would have to produce food cans according to the DWI process, a method where the can is drawn from one tin plate. In this way, less tin is used and the production takes place more quickly.


Hollander techniek integrated the systems of the lines which measure 80 x 30 metres and are built over two floors. For safety reasons, various machine parts were equipped with the necessary safety provisions. The control of these has been developed with PROFIsafe and operates, like the rest of the installations, using PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Furthermore, the software engineering for the purpose of the PLC S7 programmes and the WinCC Scada systems were executed.

The new network at Ardagh can also be operated as a wireless system. In this way, it is possible to log into the network from the shop floor and to look into the machine. As well as providing a failure analysis, the network also allows for making quality data available. In this way, data are generated directly from the production, for drawing up performance indicators. The capacity of the new line is four times greater than the existing conventional line.

Customer’s reaction

Henny Wiggers, project manager at Ardagh: “Our new production line operates using PROFINET and PROFIBUS. We made this choice on the basis of advice from Hollander techniek. We use PROFINET for the communication between the various machines in our line. All the frequency regulators also receive their signals from this network. The advice from Hollander techniek has proven its worth. The PROFINET concept is an excellent method for the fast completion of tasks."


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